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Sunday, April 16, 2023


Organizations are actually living, breathing organisms. They have health markers, just like us humans.

Leaders are in particular need of being able to assess and address organizational un-health.

Consider the following graphic conception for viewing, thinking about, and discussing the health of your organization. 

   Healthy <<------------------- Blah ------------------->> Toxic   -

Transparency <<------------------------------------------------------>> Secrecy

Trust <<---------------------------------------------------------------->> Distrust

Collaboration <<----------------------------------------------------->> Isolation

Service <<--------------------------------------------------------->> Self-Interest

Equality <<---------------------------------------------------------->> Hierarchy

Support <<-------------------------------------------------------->> Destruction

Macro-focused <<-------------------------------------------->> Micro-focused

Freeing <<---------------------------------------------------------->> Oppressive

LEARNING <<----------------------------------------->> Imposed Ignorance

How can we better affect healthy and robust organizational culture? Just as with our personal health, knowing how to do better means very little………unless we actually choose to do better.

The burning question: Whatcha gonna do about it?

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