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Saturday, April 22, 2023


Little children, pets, and visionaries often share a similar trait. They see a person, object, or objective of great desire. They accelerate quickly in the direction of that person, object, or objective, gaining unbridled enthusiasm and speed in the pursuit. 

Then.....they crash -- either into the apple of their eye (the teacher? the wall? the organizational resistance?) or some other unnoticed barrier along the way. 

The effect, late realized: Their brakes did not work as well as their accelerator.

Wisdom and good judgment are key in our ability to make optimal decisions about how much accelerator pressure and how much brake application helps us achieve our goals (whether personal or organizational). 

Surrounding ourselves with strong teams of diverse, wise, and outcome-focused folks helps us make sound(er) accelerator-brake application decisions. 

For leaders, two questions burn:

1) How well have we shaped a culture that attracts such a talented team?

2) Why in the world would such talent choose (because they can) to work with us?

If we're not paying very close attention, there is ZERO chance we can approach answers to those two questions.

Proceed? Yes. 

How? Judiciously.

Gotta have good help to make it happen.

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