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Thursday, January 19, 2023


In electricity, resistors are components that limit or regulate the flow of electrical current.

In organizations life, resistors are often those folks who limit or regulate the flow of the effort/energy directed toward reform, improvement, or transformation.

Regardless of why the resistance is occurring, leaders are wise to deal with it in a straightforward way.

Here are some possible Resistor Responses:

  • Put the issue into open dialogue in the organization. Overtly discuss the pros and cons. 
  • Keep the issue and the discussions around the issue about THE ISSUE (don't let it become about the personalities).
  • Invite troubleshooting around the change effort, seeking suggestions for improvement in substance or deployment.
  • Forecast publicly. What does the future look like if we keep doing the same thing? What might the future look like if we successfully embrace the proposed change?
  • If this proposal for improvement is unacceptable or unworkable, what should we do instead to propel us toward improvement?
Transparency RULES! Keep all (civilized) voices in the conversation. Keep all conversations in the open.

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