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Wednesday, January 11, 2023


I am an educator by vocation and avocation. Thus, learning theories are my jam.

Connectivism is now widely accepted as a theory of learning. 

Here's a workable definition: Learners make sense of and construct their understandings through a wide array of sources; the interconnectivity afforded by technology and the internet to knowledge sources and knowledgeable others -- Connectivism -- serves to accelerate that learning.

For your consideration............If we increase our skills in digital connection capabilities yet lose our ability to effectively "connect" in interpersonal ways, perhaps we've not learned as much as we should/could. 

Maybe Connectivism has always been a thing, and the digital modality is just the most recent iteration of its evolution. 

Rather than either/or, it seems to me that BOTH is the best path to optimal learning. 

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