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Wednesday, January 25, 2023


I recently read A Leader’s Guide to Excellence in Every Classroom: Creating Support Systems for Teacher Success by John R. Wink (2017).

JRW does an excellent job of providing a comprehensive framework to ensure optimal learning for
 ALL students.


My top takeaways:

·      Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can be matched to Wink’s Hierarchy of Student Excellence, from a teacher efficacy perspective. A brilliant analogy. 

·      A 3-Tiered Excellence-in-Learning Support System includes: 1) Schoolwide supports, 2) Teacher team supports, and 3) Individualized supports.

·      Principals should focus on hiring the best applicants, then surround them with systems that guarantee every teacher’s success.

·      CHAMPS intervention technique = Conversation + Help + Activity + Movement + Participation + Success.  

·      Organized classroom management results in smooth routines, minimal loss of instructional time, and high levels of student involvement and ownership of procedures.

·      4 Components of Gradual Release of Learning Responsibility: 1) Focus lesson – “Teacher does it”, 2) Guided learning – “Teacher and students do it together”, 3) Collaborative learning – “Students do it together”, and 4) Independent learning – “Students do it alone”.

·      Rigor = thoughtful work + high-quality learning intentions + high-level questioning + academic discussion.

·      Three important levels of teacher-questions: 1) Scaffolding questions, 2) On-level questions, and 3) Extension questions.  

My favorite quotes:

“An excellent school doesn’t leave excellence to chance.” (p. 9)

“Excellent schools mine for expertise in every person within the organization, and when they find expertise, they empower the expert, whoever it may be, to lead peers toward excellence.” (p. 8)

“Building relationships is the biggest investment a teacher can make in a student’s learning, and in a classroom of excellence, successfully building relationships is not the goal but the constant.” (p. 75)

I highly recommend this book. It is a superb resource for team study by school leadership and/or instructional teams. 

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