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Wednesday, December 28, 2022


High energy can make us happy, more productive, and give us feelings of effectiveness. Low ebbs in energy leave us feeling ineffective and deflated.

Energy is not what someone else does to us; it's what we create for ourselves. The choices we make impact our energy levels. 

Some proven strategies that improve energy (and, outcomes) if done on daily basis are:

  • Eat and drink wisely (consider reading Greger's How Not to Die).
  • Build in sufficient rest.
  • Engage in "peace" pursuits (such as prayer, meditation, reflection).
  • Exercise and move (intensity not required...walking/yoga work just fine).
  • Focus time and effort on the BIG picture stuff (do good to/for others).
  • Say NO to more of the inconsequential things (gossip, TV, negative people).
  • Communicate with those we love (and who love us).
  • Share love, gratitude, and forgiveness freely.
  • Abandon judgmentalism and the desire to "change" others.
  • Get into nature, somehow (breathing fresh air and soaking up sunshine).
Our pursuit of betterness always starts "at home," looking in the mirror. 

BONUS: Positive steps toward energizing have compounding effects. Score!

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