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Wednesday, December 7, 2022


Most of us work on teams, of one kind or another.

Teamwork is messy and challenging business. The larger the team, the more challenging the work.

The best leaders I know are masterful light shiners. They do that light-shining in several dimensions, all integrated, all the time. 

Here is that triadic Lighting effort:

  • Sunlight - These leaders insist on the cleansing, sanitizing, and clarifying effects of transparency and full disclosure. That "sunlight" engenders trust, fosters loyalty, and energizes improvement efforts.
  • Pin Light - These leaders know and engage with on a personal -- micro -- level the folks on their team and the stakeholders of their organizations. It's personal...every day, all day.
  • Flood Light - These leaders notice and publicly acknowledge not just the "wins," but more importantly, the effort and investment of the team members. They praise others profusely, authentically, loudly.
"Let your light so shine before men..." Perhaps there's an alternative secular meaning to that famous quotation.

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