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Wednesday, November 30, 2022


The best leaders I know serve largely as Architects of organizational culture.

In very overt and transparent ways, these Architects are:

  • Futures-oriented -- They focus constantly on the "horizon" and help those around them do the same.
  • Clarifying -- Even when the ambiguities and contradictions of contexts muddle things up, they keep their attention on worthy and noble driving principles.
  • Relational -- They understand that how we treat each other is a powerful "attractor" in creating a sense of safety, belonging, appreciation, effectiveness, and value among/between organizational members.
  • Outcome-focused -- They provide operational discretion and support and forgiveness in abundance, so long as folks are achieving results (or authentically trying to).
  • Continually improving -- They invest heavily on better getting ... personally and professionally and collectively.
Architects understand that what is left behind is the legacy of what is being done today. 

What we build can and should convey beauty, resilience, ecological sustainability, social efficacy, and positive contribution.

Back to the drafting table...

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