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Sunday, July 3, 2022


Leaders are like prospectors. Some seem focused on looking for gold. Others, however, seem busily intent on digging up dirt, detritus, and dung.

Both kinds are mining in the same medium. The difference is in the leader's perspective. 

De-energizing leaders look for (and almost always find) the following:
  • Mistakes and misses
  • Shortcomings
  • Scapegoats
  • Self-aggrandizements
Energizing leaders look for (and almost always find) the following:
  • Praise-worthy effort
  • What's working
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • Collective discernment/analysis
  • Results-oriented thinking and behavior
Two questions to consider:

Which kind of leader would I prefer to work for/with?

Which kind of leader do I choose to be?

It is a choice, you know.

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