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Sunday, July 17, 2022


We wish things were better. So much so that we frequently craft elaborate strategic plans to that end. Channeling my high school football coach, the best strategy in the world is meaningless unless we execute it. Execution comes down to a disciplined commitment to the "fundamentals" of that plan, at the micro and personal level. 

Plans almost always exist in the abstract. It's the execution -- the concrete enactments -- that move us toward the outcomes we desire. Execution moves us from the Thinking/Talking to the DOing. 

Our habits -- personal and organizational -- created our current state. Changing some of those habits is the first step toward our aspired outcomes. While we can't "eat the whole elephant in one bite," we CAN change one thing today.

As my friend Dr. Glen Shinn is fond of saying, "It's easier to behavior yourself into a new way of thinking that it is to think yourself into a new way of behaving." Wise counsel.

Today, I think I'll adopt (or abandon) the behavioral habit of.................

I and We can get better today -- one habit at a time.

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