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Sunday, November 7, 2021


The wisest leaders I know remain hyperfocused on their intended outcomes. They refuse to be distracted by unimportant and tangential stuff that screams for time on their calendar and for their precious attention.

Most of these excellent leaders have learned that too many "goals," the constant pull to accomplish everything, typically results in achieving very little (if anything). If we are focused on everything, then we ultimately focus on nothing.

How do these extraordinary leaders remain hyperfocused in the interest of high performance? 

  1. They clarify (both personally and collectively) no more than five (5) areas of intense focus for intended organizational outcomes.
  2. They calendar their time around the primary people, activities, and appearances that are most likely to make those intended outcomes a reality.
  3. They discipline themselves to think and talk through those limited lenses constantly.
The late General/Secretary Colin Powell wisely warned us to avoid what he called "mission creep." He also aptly modeled leadership so fashioned.

Want high performance? Hyperfocus.

The first step is knowing where you wanna go...

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