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Sunday, November 21, 2021


Booger & Dian (my parents), celebrated their 65th anniversary on Saturday.

They were surrounded by a good chunk of their offspring, and the offspring of their offspring, and the matrimonial affiliates of their offspring. When ALL of that group manages to gather in one place at the same time it numbers north of 70. Quite a gaggle.

Among the Saturday celebrants were Booger & Dian's four boys, me being the oldest of that group. I've been with them for 64 of the 65 year journey (born to them when Dad was 19 and Mom 16)

All families have their pluses and deltas in the relationship ledger. One of the things that I am eternally grateful for in relation to the family of Booger & Dian is that they have fostered an environment in which "the hang is easy." When the Coulter Clan gathers, in small groups or large, the tension barometer is always low, the peace meter always reads strong, the love gauge always registers high.

Happy 65th Mom and Dad.

Blessed beyond measure...

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