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Thursday, November 11, 2021


Friend and co-conspirator Dr. Glen Shinn often exhorts us to "be BOLD."

Easier said than done. Just the very word "bold" implies risks and uncertainty. And it suggests an element of courage may be required.

What are some useful lessons we can glean from successful practitioners of BOLDness?

  1. Be crystal clear on the agreed upon Noble & Worthy goals (no more than 3-5 of them).
  2. Map, execute, and constantly monitor incremental steps toward those goals (don't try to eat the whole elephant in one bite).
  3. Accentuate and accelerate those actions that produce the desired results; abandon and terminate those that don't (the stuff of disciplined continuous improvement process).
  4. Build collective engagement toward desired outcomes (individualism often results in the martyrdom of the charlatan). 
To quote former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, engaging in bold endeavor is "no time to go wobbly."

BOLD and wobbly don't mix well.

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