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Sunday, November 14, 2021


The wisest leaders I know are fixated on continuous improvement.

A continuous improvement mindset is inherently one that is futures focused. And, a continuous improvement mindset implies that something needs to change from its current state toward a better one. There's that change thing again.

I know a few very worthy wearers of the Continuous Improver tattoo. Here are some of commonalities I have observed in their thinking/behavior:

  • Windshield Mania - they spend 10% or less time looking/thinking/talking/planning backward (the rearview mirror) and 90% or more time looking/thinking/talking/planning forward (the windshield).
  • Perseveration Nation - they relentlessly focus on clearly articulated vision and desired outcomes for themselves and their organizations.
  • Collective Intelligencia - they constantly invite the best thinking of the whole team (internal and external customers) into the let's-get-better dialogue.
  • Energizer Gorillas (not bunnies) - they bring personal and focused energy to the endeavor and they foster it in others (through noticing, acknowledgement, praise, encouragement, and incentivizing). 
From my past days as an athletic coach: 
"If we're not getting better, we're getting left behind -- because our competition most certainly IS getting better."

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