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Sunday, March 15, 2020


Life pitches experiences at all of us.  Relentlessly.  Some good, some bad, but relentlessly nonetheless.

Some folks weather the flood of life experiences in somewhat mindless fashion.  For them, it's seems as if "survival" is both process and objective.

Others, however, seem bent always toward a better state.  They somehow focus continually on prospering.  Simply surviving is never enough for this group.  

The prosperers practice the art of reflection constantly.  Reflection is a two-fold process.  It's a way of thinking, then acting.  

The refining process of reflection in response to the experiences life pitches at us goes something like this:
1)  What have I learned, good or bad, from what I've just experienced?
2)  What will I change, in my thinking or in my behavior, as a result of that learning?

Experience means nothing .................... unless we learn from it.

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