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Thursday, February 27, 2020


I loved playing football.  I loved coaching football.  I love watching football.

One of the attractors to the game for me is the continual re-setting and re-launching process.  In very short bursts the two teams review what just happened, re-strategize, reset themselves, and re-launch.  

Almost always the re-launching occurs when the quarterback loudly marks the beginning of the next play with a guttural exclamation that sounds like...
or somesuch.  

Whatever shape it takes, it means GO!!!!!

Both teams then enthusiastically deploy their very best individual and collective efforts toward the accomplishment of their goals.  After a lot of crashing, banging, sprinting, blocking, tackling, feigning, tossing, passing, catching, etc., that play quickly ends and the process starts all over again.

44-Hut-Hut:  Today marks the day that Moe (my lovely bride of 43 years) and I celebrate the completion of our 43rd re-launch and mark the beginning of #44.  After another very quick year ends, a new round of crashing, banging, sprinting, building, growing, working, buying, eating, traveling, crying, hugging..............LOVING begins. 

I absolutely love being on her team.

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