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Wednesday, March 18, 2020


As a teenager back in the 1970s I read a compelling autobiography by Holocaust survivor Corrie ten Boom.  Ms. ten Boom's book was titled The Hiding Place and details how her family in Amsterdam harbored many Jewish (and Gentile) refugees in their home, all fleeing the Nazi German onslaught.  (Note:  The book is a most worthy read.)

Ms. ten Boom went on to become quite a thought leader of the Christian faith until her death in 1983.  

I was fortunate to have gotten to hear her administrative assistant speak at a conference in the late 70s.  I can't remember the woman's name but I remember vividly a quote she attributed to ten Boom in relation to facing seemingly insurmountable trials and tribulations:

"God does not lead us down stony paths without providing for us strong shoes." (perhaps not exact, but that's my 45-year-ish memory of it)

True now - as it always has been.

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