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Friday, March 20, 2020


In the literal sense "anchors" are those heavy thingamajigs we pitch over the side of a boat (tied to a rope or chain, of course) to keep it from drifting off.

Figuratively speaking, "anchors" serve the same purpose for us.  Our anchors firmly moor us in place to keep us from drifting aimlessly,  Perhaps more importantly, they protect us from being driven to destruction by storm.  

Our anchors tether us to solid ground even when we're not on solid ground.  Anchors provide us with connection, even when tenuous, to that which is firm, unshakable, dependable.

It seems all my anchors have been teachers.  Not all were literally teachers, but all taught me.  Each a Yoda in their own way.  They taught me how to be anchored and when it wise to be anchored and to what we can dependably anchor.

Intentionally or not, they also passed along to me the import of anchoring others.  To channel a popular country song, "I come from a long line of anchors."

Truly thankful at this time in history that I have had, and continue to have, so many anchors.  

Seems they were prescient in their understanding.

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