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Thursday, February 20, 2020


Energy required!

Energy is required for progress, for success, for life.  It doesn't matter whether we're talking about the energy produced by the mitochondria in each cell of our body (which keeps us running) or the energy produced by a team of folks accomplishing great things (whether athletes pursuing a title or researchers seeking breakthrough solutions).

Like so many other things in life, energy can run both ways. 

The Neg:  Sometimes energy is sucked out of the room/organization/body as result of diversions, delays, ignorance, inattention, jealousy, hyper-caution, selfish ambition, fear. 

The Pos:  Good energy is generated by noble pursuits, worthy goals, risk tolerance, encouragement, support, self- and team-actualization, HEALTH. 

The best leaders I know are adept in doing a tricky energy dance.  They identify and mitigate the energy sucks and the energy diverters.  At the same time, these wise leaders free and protect components/folks/systems that are creating positive energy toward valued goals.

I think I hear the band tuning up...

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