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Friday, February 14, 2020



Most all of us work, in some form or fashion.  Even those who are not officially "employed" engage in work, somehow.

The best leaders I know understand that work is the result of LEARNING.  They also know that better work is the result of better learning.

The best leaders I know are constantly LEARNING, for themselves.  They mine deeply from books, from articles, from videos, from podcasts, from conferences, from others in their field, from folks in non-related fields, from asking questions, from observation, from ...  The possibilities are endless, and their learning is relentless and intentional.

The best leaders I know are fully aware that the success of their organization (whatever its mission) is directly proportional to the amount and quality of the learning that goes on within the membership of the organization.

The best leaders I know intentionally and with great discipline schedule LEARNING into the workdays/workweeks/workyears of their organizational membership, top to bottom.  

Survival in a competitive marketplace is most certainly one of the drivers behind those decisions.  Prospering in that marketplace is an even more powerful objective.

The late Stephen Covey was fond of asking this question:  "Did you ever get so busy driving that you didn't have time to stop and buy gas?"  Point well made.


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