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Thursday, May 16, 2019


The best leaders I know are excellent Gitter Doners.  They understand well that ACTIONs, not just meetings, are required to accomplish goals.

So, what are the nature of the meetings chaired by these Gitter Doners?  They use use meetings to...

  • Articulate clearly the Vision and Mission of the organization.
  • Collectively determine the goals that move us toward that Vision and Mission.
  • Define the problems/barriers/challenges in accomplishing those goals.
  • Leverage the knowledge/expertise/skill of the team in crafting solutions to those problems.
  • Divvy up the clearly and fairly the work - who is to do what and by when, in pursuing those goals.
  • Acknowledge always team members who are making progress toward those goals.
What do those Gitter Doners NOT allow in meetings?
  • Endless talk with no action.
  • The attendance of unproductive or unnecessary team members.
  • Meeting time that extends beyond that that was calendared.
  • Conflict or inertia founded in personal rather than goal-related issues.
  • Dialogue around items that were NOT on the agenda (rabbit chasing).
Working with and for some Gitter Doner leaders has provided some of the most productive and satisfying experiences of my life, both personally and professionally.  

Working with and for a few non-Gitter Doner leaders has been.............................
FRUSTRATING (at best).

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