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Monday, May 13, 2019


The root word of Discipline is disciple, from the Latin word discipulus, which means pupil.

Most of the folks I admire most are extremely disciplined in the way they go about living their lives.  Though with considerable variations across that group, here are some of the commonalities I see in them:

  • They relentlessly FOCUS on what is important, purposefully refusing to waste their time and energy on those things that are not.
  • They intensely OBSERVE the world and the people around them, seeking for the processes and practices that lead to betterness.
  • They REFLECT continually on their own performance and perspective, evaluating themselves before judging others.
  • They STUDY (yep, there's that "pupil" thing) constantly, pressing their knowledge and skill levels ever upward.
  • They GROUND themselves persistently - to their faith, to their foundational tenets, to the God of their understanding.
And then there are those who are constantly adrift.............

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