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Monday, May 20, 2019


One of the coolest teams I ever worked on was at a high school in Austin, Texas.  Our special education department began incorporating the FISH Philosophy into their daily business. 

The process became contagious and eventually worked it's way throughout the school (about 240 employees in total).  We ultimately began having FISH Pep Rallies from time to time, just to celebrate the effort and accomplishments of the folks and the teams on our campus. 

One of the most enriching and empowering components of that process was the energy-inducing power of recognition and gratitude - recognition from ones colleagues and customers (not the bosses).  When meetings of all kinds begin with recognition, acknowledgment, and expressed gratitude from those one is serving and serving with, it just sort of makes us glow all over.

The same fueling effect takes place for the organization as a whole (and cost virtually nothing).  

Why wouldn't we?

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