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Sunday, July 15, 2018


Most of us have worked in environments in which those in leadership seem allergic to making decisions (even simple ones).  

Undecidedness sucks energy from an organization in these ways:

  • Rudderless - we feel like we're working without clear direction.
  • De-energizing - like a persistent bleed-out.
  • Distracted - pettiness and politics fill the empty spaces.
  • Marking time - clock watching, busyness, hide-n-seek predominate.
  • Disappearance - either literally or figuratively, checking out is SOP.
Daniel Pink posits that talented folks prosper and produce in environments that provide three things:
  1. Autonomy - we're given latitude in pursuing clearly defined, worthy goals.
  2. Mastery - we have the opportunity to exercise our best gifts in that noble pursuit.
  3. Purpose - we actually feel/know that the pursuit is consequential.
Decide that!  (Then let others know that it's been decided.)

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