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Monday, July 30, 2018


Leadership (whether we're talking parenting or CEO work) is best done with the end in mind.  What is that end?  The day when the child/organization can function effectively and prosper without us.

Regardless of the level of our own egomaniacal tendencies, the day is coming when our children and/or organization(s) will be required to function without us.  

So what does that developmental process look like?  Some examples:

  • Talk - Tell them what's important, often and in many ways. 
  • Walk - Model the appropriate behaviors, the ones that lead to healthy living, productivity, self-actualization, and consequential existence.
  • Reflect - Both individually and collectively, to tease out the "What went right?," the "What went wrong?," the "How can we do it better?," and the "Are we on the right path?" assessments.
  • Learn - Curiously mine as much knowledge, data, feedback, connectivity as possible, in the interest of getting and being better.
  • Run - Huh?  Run?  Yep.  Like the person who helped us learn how to ride our first bike.  Running alongside, issuing encouragement, prompting bravery, proffering a little guidance, occasionally putting a steadying hand on the back, and, yes, picking us up and dusting off when we crashed.
Until such time, of course, we are inevitably left in their dust.

Call it servant leadership.  We need desperately for them to be ready when we're no longer there.  

Run!  Intentionally.

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