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Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Judgement gets a bit of a bad rap.  We exercise judgement every day.  Fundamentally, judgement is comparing some thing/action against a standard we value.  The bad rap occurs when we judge against questionable standards (or assume that ours are the only righteous ones).  

The most valuable judgements occur as we look into the mirror.  Three standards can be helpful (for your consideration), as we look in that mirror:

  1. Goals - Have we chosen for ourselves and our organization worthy and noble goals?  Are the things we've chosen to pursue good for others as well as ourselves?  Are they good for the planet?  Are they good for our grandchildren, and great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren, and ...?
  2. Allocations - Once we're clear on the chosen goals, are we sufficiently and sensibly dedicating the finite time we have toward the achievement of those goals?  How about the financial resources?  How about the cognitive/physical/emotional effort? 
  3. Culture - Ah, that behavior thing.  Do our daily habits (personally and organizationally) reinforce the attainment of our espoused goals?  Are our ambitions supported by our actions/talk/thinking?  Do our habits promote health, wellbeing, compassion, acceptance, liberty, service?
We are almost always intertwined with others in these endeavors.  Our family.  Our social circles.  Our political affiliations.  Our business organizations.  Our faith organizations.  We are rarely alone in these choosings. 

As we peer into this metaphorical mirror (whether personally or organizationally), we CHOOSE.  We choose the goals.  We choose the allocations.  We choose the culture.

Time will judge the efficacy of our choices.

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