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Sunday, July 8, 2018


Reflection is a powerful tool we can use to get better - as individuals and as organizations.

Reflection can (if we're not careful) deteriorate into deflection, a commiseration tool for identifying scapegoats and making excuses.

Reflection is at its best when it centers on some fundamental questions:
> What are we doing?
> Is that doing moving us toward worthy/noble/righteous goals?
> What parts of that doing need to be abandoned (due to being either unproductive or misaligned with those goals)?
> What parts of that doing need polishing/ramping/revision in order to improve our performance and goal attainment?

In short, reflection is looking in the mirror for the answers to betterness.

Deflection, on the other hand, is looking outward at others and/or circumstances to assign blame and dodge accountability.  Not helpful.  Not healthy.

Our world -- THE world -- gets better as result of authentic reflection.  Deflection has the opposite effect.

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