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Friday, February 2, 2018


The concept of "deficit model" works like this:  People will only do the right and appropriate thing when they are coerced to do so; left to their own devices, they'll shirk, skate, squander, pilfer, and cheat.

Organizational leaders who operate with this mindset usually lean heavily on strident and voluminous rules/protocols/regulations which are meant to ensure "right and appropriate" behavior through layers of monitoring and compliance-based processes.

The wisest leaders I know, on the contrary, make their expectations clear about the efficacy of right and appropriate behavior, for the individual employees, for the culture of the workplace, and for the ultimate benefit to the customer/client base.  

When/If those leaders discover employees NOT behaving in accordance to the articulated expectations, they address the problem with that employee (not by issuing more rules/protocols/regulations).

The deficit model mindset does nothing but perpetuate the................deficit.  

The cost is quite high.

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