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Monday, January 29, 2018


Default settings are built into machines, digital devices, and humans to ensure consistency and dependable outcomes.  They provide us with the secure feeling that the temperature will stay in a comfortable range, that the engine won't overheat, that the browser will jump to preferred sites, and that we won't be exposed to thinking that might offend us.

Default settings have their place in our lives.  They make us feel safe, they assure us of results that we are comfortable with, they allow us to move through life without having to burn cognitive energy on thousands of decisions.  In effect, someone else (a machine?) is doing the thinking for us.  Autopilot certainly has its place in a nice, safe, orderly life.

If, however, we're interested in stretching ourselves, in pushing boundaries, in exploring new possibilities, in creating better futures, it may be that the default settings are working against us.

When getting better, every day, on purpose is a primary goal, it is healthy and wise to doubt the default. 

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