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Thursday, February 15, 2018


Our personal and work lives provide us with a fair dose of both Joy and Misery (with a lot of experiences that fit somewhere in the middle).  The overall assessment of our position on the 

Joy <<<< >>>> Misery

Index is the result of a number of factors.   

While important, the following DO NOT usually drive us to the far extremes of that continuum:

  • The software.
  • The schedule.
  • The pay.
  • The conditions.
  • The tools.
What does?  The PEOPLE.  They bring us joy or they bring us misery.

Given that fact, we get to make choices everyday about how we contribute to the health of the organizations and families to which we belong.

We can and do move others toward Joy or toward Misery.  

(Note to self:  We reap what we sow.) 

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