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Sunday, December 3, 2017


I attended a memorial service yesterday for a dear friend and mentor, Jerry Gibbs.  Mr. Gibbs was the first principal I worked for as a young teacher-coach.  

God must have known I would need such a powerful and positive force to get me moving in the right direction as a fledgling educator.

Some of the most impactful learning I garnered from Mr. Gibbs:

  • Students first, always.
  • Have high expectations for yourself, for those who work with/for you, and for the students you serve.
  • Be fair, be honest, be forthright, be forgiving.
  • Do the right thing, and don't get wobbly when circumstances would make it easier not to.

In relation to that last bullet, one of the speakers at the funeral referenced a sign he has in his business, for all employees and customers to see.  It reads as follows:

Do what needs to be done.
Do it when it needs to be done.
Do it as well as it can be done.
Do it as often as it needs to be done.

Those words aptly fit the way Mr. G lived.

RIP, Mr. G.  And, thanks.  (I owe you debt I can never fully repay.)

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