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Monday, December 11, 2017


Disruptive forces generate a lot of unsettling turbulence in our lives - whether on the personal level or at the organizational level.

Shifts in the status quo are almost always unsettling.  The most disruption occurs when we have little control over those catalytic forces.

Some examples of that kind of disruption:

  • Loss of a loved one or critical team player.
  • A new and robust competitor arrives on the scene.
  • A storm (in the environment or in the marketplace) shakes our very foundation.
  • Significant changes in policy or law emerge.
  • Revenue drops precipitously.
  • Family/Organization relationships become strained.
Turbulence happens.  Disruption happens.  Shift happens.   

What we learn from it, and how we respond to it, is what matters most.

The healthiest RE-sponse is to...     RE-flect     RE-assess     RE-align     RE-learn

We can dissolve into dismay and drivel, or  ...  we can turn it into 
GROWTH (which is its own form of disruption).

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