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Saturday, December 9, 2017


At our ranch in west Texas, we rarely have issues with mud.  Very rarely.  Like once a year.  Maybe.

However, I know from the experience of others (and a few of my own) that mud can bog one down, inhibit the work flow.  Or worse, completely bring progress to a halt (as you dig, pull, winch, and jack yourself out of the muck).

Same thing happens in organizations.  What are some common bogger downers?

  • Egotists - who seem more focused on their progress than that of the team.
  • Deniers - who seem never to grasp, or take seriously, troubling data trends.
  • Yakkers - who spend most of their time talking and little of it doing.
  • Blamers - who are adept at identifying problems and quickly assigning responsibility, to others.
  • Puds - who don't want the waters stirred, the boat rocked, or their comfort disrupted.
  • Plodders - who resist working too hard, doing too much, thinking too deeply.
Every organization has 'em.  That's not news. 

That list fundamentally betrays the way individual and organizational energy is being used.

Some organizations manage to re-direct energy toward a few, common, worthy, meaningful goals.  They're the ones least likely to get bogged down. 

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