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Thursday, January 5, 2017


My adopted physician, Dr. Ben Edwards, says that hydration is one of the four pillars of health (along with nutrition, movement, and peace).  Hydration is the medium in which the nutrition is transported throughout the body, by which the body's movement is eased, and, I believe, that aids in the achievement of peace (good hydration facilitates system integration within the body - in effect, it greases the systemic skids).

Hydration is best in unadulterated form - plain, clean, pure water (if it can be found).  No added flavors, chemicals, or embellishments.  Our bodies were intelligently designed to use this medium in order to achieve optimum performance (in fact, we're about 60% water).

Like our bodies, organizations are organisms.  And, they can only achieve optimum "health" and performance if substantive attention is paid to their own metaphorical pillars of health - hydration, nutrition, movement, and peace.

Thus, I pose a question intended to provoke your thinking:  What is the "hydration," the medium, flowing in and through organizations that provide nutritional transport, that aid and abet organizational movement, and that facilitate the achievement of peace within the organization?

Anxiously awaiting your thoughts...

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