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Sunday, January 22, 2017


I was honored this morning to attend the deacon ordination ceremony of my youngest brother, Layne.  With a full heart I kept looking at my parents and my three brothers, and numerous other family members.  The event itself and the collection of souls in attendance triggered a great deal of reflection and emotion within me.

The words Grace and Service kept coming to mind as I experienced the spiritual waves generated by the reflection, the thanksgiving, the emotion, the celebration, the music, and the obvious love expressed between and among those gathered (family and friends alike).

Grace (in the Christian tradition) is the unfettered and immeasurable love of the God of our understanding, conferred upon us though completely unwarranted and unwarrantable.

Service is the personal dedication to selflessly doing right and well toward others, with no expectation of repayment or reciprocation.  

It is not lost on me that the best and most righteous and most honorable humans I know, regardless of their faith or religion, operate with those two ideals as underpinnings of their living.  

We all can extend a heart of grace, and we can all live a life of service.  Neither requires money, status, or credentials.  What better life to live?  What legacy more worthy?

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