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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Energy is the stuff that drives our engines (both literal and figurative, individual and organizational).  It's the stuff that helps us accomplish our goals and pursue our dreams.  We are both consumers of and creators of energy.  

However, some people, some relationships, some habits, and some organizational systems are total energy sucks.  They tend to drag us down, to constantly be impediments to success, to perpetually keep us from joy and accomplishment and self-actualization.

Energy sucks (whether human or systemic) have some common attributes:

  • They are fundamentally self-serving.
  • They "raise" themselves only by tearing others down.
  • They use coercion rather than collaboration to achieve their ends.
  • They excuse themselves from the demands/rules/judgement they confer on others.
  • They pit humans, departments, and entities against one another.
  • They never seem to have enough.

We all have to deal with energy sucks, but we don't have to be energy sucks.  NOT being an energy suck requires thoughtful decisions and purposeful choices.  

We all know people and organizations that operate exactly opposite of the attributes shown with bullets above.  Follow them.  Learn from them.

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