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Sunday, December 18, 2016


I recently read The Carpenter:  A Story About the Greatest Success Strategies of All by Jon Gordon (2014).  

In this novelette, JG tells the story of a young man (Michael) suffering a heart attack, having his life saved by a carpenter who just happened to be passing by, and the relationship that developed between the two.  The carpenter subsequently became a confidante and advisor to Michael.

The book, in true JG fashion, is a pithy guide to living well and wholesomely.  

My biggest takeways:

  • "Giving" is a beautiful way to live and work.
  • Some powerful questions to help us frame our intentions and actions:   What does it look like when we are at our healthiest, strongest, and best?  What does our family situation look like while we are pursuing success in our work?  Are we ignoring the people we love the most or making more time for them?  What matters most?  What priorities drive us each day?  What are we doing that makes us come alive?  What are we doing to live and share our purpose?
  • The most successful life strategies are extremely simple, yet powerful.  Simple, however, does not mean easy.
  • “I just know that what you think, you become.  I know that how you see the world determines the world you see and how the world sees you.  I know your perspective can take a bad situation and turn it into a great outcome.  I know a positive attitude not only draws people to you, but it also gives you power to overcome all the obstacles you will face as you build your success.” (Quote from the carpenter on p.34) 
  • Fear is the root cause of busyness and stress.
  • The Greatest Success Strategies: Love-Serve-Care
  • When we love, serve, and care, our value goes up (while at the same time showing that we value others).
  • Caring is an energy producer, not an energy suck (for both the sender and the receiver). 

My favorite quote: 
“I know that I’m not a human being having a spiritual experience.  I’m a spiritual being having a human experience.” (The carpenter, p.121)

Quick read.  Good read.  Reflection-triggering read.

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