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Saturday, December 3, 2016


Many people (those like me) tend to be the task-oriented types.  We strive to get stuff done - meetings held, schedules built, widgets made, re-orgs completed, books written, fences built.  That mindset is all well and good as long as we don't succumb to the illusion that that stuff is what is most important in life.  

Meetings, widgets, schedules, organizational charts, books and fences won't be showing up at our funerals.  And, yes, we're all hosting a funeral in the end.

The truly important things in life are the relationships we foster - with our family, with our friends, with our work colleagues, with our professional network.  It's the relationships that add richness to our minutes, days, weeks, months, and years. 

Yes, we have to get stuff done.  But when we let the stuff trump the relationships we're headed down a lonely, unfulfilling, and ultimately pointless end.  Not even the most task-oriented of us wants the percentage rise in market share we facilitated for our company to be the epitaph on our headstone.

We get to decide how to prioritize our time.  It's done every minute of every day.  We can and should choose wisely, tending toward the relational (and with the end game in mind). 

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