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Thursday, April 28, 2016


Work comes in all shapes and sizes: physical labor, mental processing, paper shuffling, monitoring, selling, supervising, harvesting, etc.  The list is endless, and the impact is mostly temporal.

Some work, however, is forever work.  This is the work we do that has impact, that lasts beyond our lifetime, even beyond our generation.  Forever work is not about putting food on the table, making the mortgage payment, or funding the vacation.  Forever work is about legacy, and it's always grounded in our relationships.

Of course we have to work for the almighty dollar (most of us, anyway) in order to make ends meet, but we must also work for that bigger picture - the forever work.  

Essentially, it's the work of passing along values, ways of thinking, and ways of being.  And how do we transmit those critical elements?  Through strong and carefully attended relationships with those we love (and, derivatively, with the ones they love). 

It is important to assess how we dole out our time, our effort, our thinking, and our attention with respect to those two kinds of work - the temporal kind and the forever kind.

And, we should probably ask ourselves if we're happy with the apportionment.  If not, today is the day to make adjustments.  Forever depends on it.

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