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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Weed eaters are wonderful tools.  They're usually powered by gasoline engines or electric current, and give us the ability to cut/eliminate a LOT of weeds in a real big hurry.  They are made for destruction and rarely fail to deliver on that front.

The down side is that the weed eater has no ability to discriminate.  When powered up it takes down whatever the operator directs it toward.  Thus, too often the weed eater also becomes a flower, grass, tree, paint, fence, and/or window eater as well.  Not good.

The same sort of good-tool-gone-awry dynamic happens in organizations when we craft procedures and protocols aimed at the "weeds" among us.  Maybe the weeds get eliminated, maybe not.  Too often, many non-weeds fall victim to the destructive tools we create as a side effect.  

Damage thereby done is very slow to heal...

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