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Monday, March 2, 2015


A fundamental process in the human body is that of metabolism.  It the set of chemical reactions and interactions that occur in our bodies that cause us to move, to grow, to digest food, to expend energy, to absorb nutrients, to reproduce, to heal.  Metabolism can be observed at the cellular level and at the level of our organs and at the level of our systems.

In effect, metabolism is a process of taking inputs and converting them to outputs.  We take in, then metabolize, air, food, water, minerals, etc. The quality of the performance of our bodies is directly attributable to the quality of the inputs that get metabolized.

Enough of the anatomy and physiology lesson.  Now, allow me to provoke your thinking.

We also metabolize experience.  Yep.  Our mind and our spirits absorb experiences of all kinds and metabolize them.  As with the physical stuff, the resulting quality of cognitive, emotional, and spiritual performance is directly connected to the quality of the inputs.  

So, what we read, who we associate with, what we listen to, how we move, the way we worship ALL MATTER.  Good stuff in, good stuff out.  

Chew on that for awhile (pun intended).

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