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Monday, January 26, 2015


By definition, "pablum" is:
  • bland intellectual fare
  • insipid writing or speech
  • trite conceptualizations
  • bogus and hollow acts and/or articulations
I and one of my colleagues have had numerous interesting discussions about the need for succinctness and precision in communications.  The more I work with words as a communications tool, the more suspicious I become of lengthy blatherings, put in legalistic terms, couched in myriad qualifiers, always preceded by disclaimers.

Using inconsequential words, tasks, and/or stuff to either obscure or inhibit progress toward clearly defined goals is a common malady in organizations.  Sometimes it is manifested through acts of omission, sometimes via acts of commission.  Either way, they're not productive and often prohibitive (sometimes, downright destructive).

Note to self: STOP THE PABLUM!

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