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Friday, January 16, 2015


I heard that Ronald Reagan once said, "The walls have ears."  From a leadership perspective, his point is salient.

In our organizational lives (regardless of the size of the group), keeping secrets with one set of members and/or from another set of organizational members is a temptation that must be avoided.

When we act and interact from that mindset, then a culture of transparency, full disclosure, and open communications begins to emerge and sustain.  Trust is the healthy by-product of such an environment.

It is critical that leaders are saying, signaling, and perpetuating the same information/messages throughout the organizational structures - vertically, horizontally, and obliquely.  Thus, every member hears the same thing, in the same way, many times over.

Attempts at secret keeping are very much like metastasizing cancers.  They quickly gobble up the health, then life, of the organization.

Wise leaders know that the best operational paradigm to work from is one that presumes that There Are No Secrets.   

(The walls really do have ears.)  

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