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Thursday, January 29, 2015


I know some absolutely fabulous...
Parents          Coaches          Bosses          Welders          Nurses          Leaders
           Referees         Administrators         Dancers          Physicians
Teachers          Cowboys          Speakers          Principals          Musicians

I also know some pretty good...
(repeat all the identifiers shown above).

The difference in fabulous and pretty good?
A relentless hunger to learn more, to get better, to sharpen their skills, to refine their craft.

Of the fabulous ones I know, none of them are driven by the dollars or notoriety that might come with getting better (though, in fact, those things often do come their way).  Nope.  They are intrinsically driven toward better getting.  It's almost as if the continuous improvement journey nourishes their souls.

One more thing I've noticed about that fabulous group:  They always seem more than willing to share their learning with others, somehow, some way.

Makes me wanna get better myself.

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