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Friday, June 27, 2014


If what we’re “selling” as vision doesn’t resonate, then it’s not vision.  

There are many reasons a vision fails to get traction.  It might be... 
politically correct, 
or any other reason that doesn't move us, compel us to action, stimulate our energy, attract our effort.

Visioning for the future is best done through inquiry, dialogue, debate, and collective wisdom.  Through discussing aspirations, dreams, wishes, and intentions a vision begins to form organically.  When/If that process occurs, the resulting vision is one that captures the aspirations of all and embraces the commitment of all.

True vision focuses the attention and investment of virtually all members of a group/organization.  They adopt it and pursue it because they find it meaningful and worthy, not because it appears on the company letterhead and web site.  Each team member is able see how they can contribute in the pursuit of that vision, in specific and concrete ways.

If the vision for our organization does not do that, then it's probably time to re-assess and recalibrate.  

The starting point is having those consequential conversations about the future we imagine for our "brand."

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