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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


More info for your health and wellbeing today.

One of my favorite bloggers on the topic of health and wellness is Dr. Joseph Mercola.

He recently wrote about 15 foods that should be in your kitchen (and eaten) if fostering and maintaining optimal health is your goal.

Mercola's article is here.

The 15 foods he recommends...

  1. Sunflower and other sprouted seeds (don't have these in my house - yet)
  2. Organic pastured eggs (raise and eat 'em every day)
  3. Butter (been eating it like a horse - and losing weight)
  4. Fermented vegetables (we've been eating some kind of fermented food every day)
  5. Avocado (yum! yum!)
  6. Macadamia nuts and pecans (these and other raw nuts are my snack of choice)
  7. Organic coconut oil (cook with it daily and put a blob in my coffee each morning)
  8. Fresh herbs (growing some of these right this minute)
  9. Fresh garlic (we grow it, we eat it)
  10. Homemade broth (we eat both the chicken and the beef variety)
  11. Himalayan salt (yep, without the glass and sand that's added to typical table salt)
  12. Canned Alaskan salmon (haven't tried this yet)
  13. Raw milk, from organic grass-fed cows (we now own two of these critters)
  14. Whey protein (straight from the cow's milk)
  15. Yogurt and kefir, made from organic, grass-fed milk (ditto)
As you can see, we're not batting 1000 yet, but darned close.  

Do what you can, and enjoy better health for it.

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