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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Leaders come in a bazillion varieties: bosses, generals, moms, presidents, Sunday School teachers, CEOs, coaches, managers, officers, dads, preachers, siblings, etc., etc., etc.

You know them, you interact with them, you watch them, and in most cases you ARE them, in one form or another.

Of the best leader types I know, here are some of the common manifestations/behaviors I see (and admire) in them:

  • Slow to anger.
  • Listen before they speak.
  • Keep their eye on the BIG picture.
  • Treat EVERYONE with respect (including waitresses, cab drivers, and custodians).
  • Have spines made of steel (they honor their commitments/responsibilities relentlessly).
  • Have strong wills but soft hearts.
  • Constantly seek to serve others, somehow, some way.
  • Fundamentally modest and self-deprecating.  
  • Seek solutions that benefit all (rather than win-lose solutions).
  • Voracious learners.
  • Givers, not takers.
  • Exhibit vulnerability and practice total transparency.
What a list!  

Seems I've got some work to do on my leader type skills.  (How about you?)

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