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Sunday, March 9, 2014


Sticky problems are the ones that seem to defy solutions.  They’re the ones that won’t go away, or that seem to grow under their own steam, or that have the innate ability to evolve into new and different iterations each time you seem to have a handle on them.  

That last dynamic, in fact, is quite telling.  Complex problems are the result of complex dealings among/between complex people.  All the variables are complex, all the interactions are complex.  Thus, the problems are complex and the solutions elusive and fleeting. 

If we look for a solution that will finally put a problem to rest forever, we deceive ourselves.  

The solutions to complex problems must be at least as malleable and evolutionary as the problems themselves.  Just like those superbugs that tend to evolve faster than the drugs/chemicals we invent to kill them, those sticky kinds of problems are not going away, and they are certainly not going to be fixed easily and permanently.

All things considered, the best course of action in dealing with those sticky and evolving problems is to LEARN
learn what worked last time, 
learn about what others are trying, 
learn about the root causes of the problem, 
learn how to attack the problem from a different angle, 

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