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Monday, March 24, 2014


According to Simon Sinek in this Ted Talk video, people don’t “buy” what we make, they buy what we believe.

Sinek makes a compelling case that the thing that attracts followers, 
                 and their effort, 
                                          and their time, 
                                                                  and their energy, 
                                                                                               and their resources 
is a compelling story with which they can connect at an emotional level.  

They follow, "not because they have to, but because they want to."

Seth Godin hammers away at the very same thing (in blog post after blog post). 

People invest themselves in compelling and worthy messages/causes/dreams/endeavors.
Not stuff.

Thus, I find that I'm asking myself these questions more and more frequently:

Am I being clear about the "why"?
Am I sold on what I'm selling?
Am I painting a clear picture about our common pursuit?
Is that common pursuit something noble and worthy?
Am I providing succinct and understandable words to capture our common vision?
Am I maintaining a laser-like focus on the "why," not the "what" or the "how"?

The answers to those questions can give me/us a clear indication of whose "buying" and whether or not what we're "selling" is worth the purchase.

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