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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Through my years of being in the business of causing learning to happen, I have all too often encountered learners (young and old) who seemed to want a “bargain” in their educational experience.  It seemed/seems as though some learners I have served (from elementary age all the way up through graduate school versions, and even employees) have taken the position of “OK, I’m here for this learning experience, but don’t give me too much ‘learning’ for my time/trouble/effort/money/attention.”

Interesting.  In no other endeavor that I can think of do we offer our time/trouble/effort/money/attention and declare, either overtly or covertly, that we object to being given too much for our investment.  In all other transactions it seems we want as much for our investment as the provider can/will deliver.

It’s kind of a weird dynamic because it’s impossible to learn too much.  In fact, if history means anything, not learning enough usually results in far more pain, misery, waste, and mistakes than does learning too much.

It’s OK to learn too much.  
Permission granted. 
Be my guest.   
In fact, I'll join you.

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